Australia Day, a day to reminisce

aussieskiesThere are actually only 2 days of the year that I know I will be thinking of Australia. No, perhaps 3. But today is one of them: Australia Day.

Although I haven’t been back in over 14 years I still consider myself Australian. The world has changed a lot since I left in 1987 and “my Australia” isn’t probably even the same any more. But why ruin a good love affair?

I yearn to go back, for a holiday that is, I’m not sure if I could live there any more. It’s something that I have been wanting to do with my kids for years so it’s about time I start planning this introduction to Down Under.

It is going to be one amazing trip! Until then I will just have to reminisce and eat a vegemite sandwich.

image credit: indigo skies

Some random unofficial gym guidelines

After months and months of Foursquare check-ins here are some unofficial gym guidelines:

  • If there are no people near you during peak hour then you might want to consider that this actually has something to do with your body odour. It is not cool to workout while the rest of us die from over exposure to your stench!
  • Vomiting on the floor and continuing with your mega heavy set is not cool, clean that shit up… seriously, even the cleaner hates you now
  • If you grunt like a bear, the wilderness must be calling you, consider migrating, no one is impressed, they were so captivated by that awful noise that they never noticed how much you just benched
  • Before offering unwanted advice please ask first and wait for a reply, surprise – most people don’t want your advice
  • Save the moments where you fall in love with yourself in the mirror for your own bathroom mirror, dude that sexy scowl needs a time and a place = your own mirror!

Facebook hate rant, what it says about you

“I don’t use Facebook, everything is so fake”

What happens next is the person in question lists all the reasons their so called “friends” are weird, how they don’t understand why people need to share any info and they don’t have time.

People like this are too resistant to have a genuine conversation with, so now I just don’t bother. I have however come to realise that if we turn it around it says a lot about the person themselves.

Social media is not for everyone. If you are a closed and private person then it’s more than likely never going to be your thing. What I question is the person who “hates” Facebook, what are you hiding that makes you this way?

I really don’t read everything on Facebook, and it’s not the most accurate source for info. If you really want to know how happy your friend is then speaking in person will tell you so much more than a timeline update.

Maybe not knowing how to fully use Facebook is a real reason. As in “real life” people are just as stupid, so that one friend that is posting questionable updates is just as likely to be exactly the same offline, or perhaps they just didn’t notice? The option to hide, block or remove your friend might make Facebook more enjoyable. 

Don’t bash a medium, but rather rethink your own circle of contacts. Social media the newest form of communication, if you don’t want to join then please leave the rest of us alone.